The heat controller

The most intelligent thermostat.

A spectacular array of possibilities

See how amazingly simple and efficient heating management can be. You can install the FIBARO Heat Controller on any number of radiators and they will co-operate with each other to provide the optimum temperature.


Innovative heating zone management


Precise temperature measurement


Schedule mode with the possibility of introducing temporary changes


Pioneering algorithms used for adaptive self-programming


Significant reduction of heating costs


Comfortable, cost-effective battery charging once a season

Innovative approach to supplying power

The Smart Home Heat Controller possess comfortable and cost-effective batteries, which can be charged using standard phone or power bank chargers.

Technologically advanced

The temperature sensor

Precise temperature measurement

The head may use an extra or an in-built temperature sensor4. You can decide for yourself, where the measurement will be done.

Easy setup

Setting up the Heat Controller does not require specialized tools and takes less than a minute.

It is always ready for your voice command

If you do not feel like getting up from the sofa or even reaching for your phone, you can control the temperature using voice commands. This convenient feature is available both within the system and on the Apple HomeKit platform through different voice interfaces.

For better efficiency

Thanks to the algorithms used in the The FIBARO Heat Controller and the Home Center, the system can be optimized for comfortable use but still generate significant energy savings.