Music is the space between the notes. It is something to be felt. We enhance this feeling using technology, integrating in a perfect manner the sound in your smart home, managing scenes based on your daily activities, your habits, your pleasures. Managing a movie room, a relaxing spot or a whole party has never been so cool! Choose one or more from the brands below and we will deliver a never forget experience.

SoundTouch® by Bose

The SoundTouch 20 wireless speaker brings it all home, packing enough clear, robust sound for bedrooms, kitchens and most other rooms. To stream a world of music, just install the free SoundTouch app on your device.


The collection of wireless speakers is designed to connect into one Multiroom audio system, allowing you to simultaneously play different music in different rooms – or the same tune in all rooms.



Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that sets up quickly and makes listening easy. With Sonos, you can enjoy whatever you love to listen to, in any and every room in your home.