A successful automation project is like a mirror reflecting the beneficiary’s unique way of expression. Furthermore, each space must be analyzed based on its characteristics. Informing the customer about the system configuration possibilities in accordance with the spaces, collecting data about the needs and demands of the customer are preliminary steps before beginning a smart home project.
The solutions that we choose must perfectly integrate in the architect’s vision and respect the technical requirements of the energy efficiency systems. These are only some aspects of the complex analysis from which a professional automation project derives.


Our know-how regarding the automation systems on the market, combined with our capacity to configure, program and install these devices enabled us to have frequent contact with most of the home automation vendors worldwide.
Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide a vast range of products that regroup all the systems needed for a living space, a working space or a hotel. The system covers several segments such as: safety, energy efficiency, sound, lights, temperature, electronic device management, access control, monitoring, alerting and video management.


We follow the project from design and planning to installation and delivery and we ensure that all stages are properly completed. We collaborate closely with the other professionals involved in the project to integrate the systems in the architectural vision, we ensure that the electric system is properly designed and we facilitate the efficiency of all systems and equipment. At the end of the implementation process we offer specialized training courses to ensure full use of the technology. Our teams are coordinated by automation engineers and technicians.


We have the possibility to travel and manage projects in most of the cities close to an airport, regardless the country. Our installation team will manage the process, configuring, testing the system and at the end of the demo, will do a specialized training. Even after our team has finished the project, our multilingual contact center is at your service for every question or curiosity.