The System can measure energy consumption in your home


and find out how to make the most of the system in energy management.

Connect what you feel the countless benefits...

No need to tear down the walls and suffer through renovations. To take advantage of its capabilities, place the module of your choice in your junction box, and connect it to the installation.

Convenient access and clear information

The system is managed through mobile devices and personal computers. You can control your house and keep an eye on energy usage from any place in the world – all you need is a smartphone.

Detailed preview of usage and costs

Energy usage and related costs can be monitored separately for various rooms and devices in custom time frames.
Clear charts allow you to quickly evaluate the situation.

Adjusting the blinds to the sun’s direction

An adequately programmed FIBARO system allows you to control how much sunlight enters your home. During colder months, it will invite the sun in to maintain comfortable temperatures and to keep the warmth at night. In the summer, during increased temperatures, the system will serve as an effective shield against the heat.

Disconnection on demand

Depending on the settings, the system can disconnect devices that were left running, or send a reminder for users to turn them off. And thanks to the mobile app, this can be done from anywhere on earth.

Smart notifications

In case of an overload or blackout, the system will send an appropriate notification to the user. Or, if custom-set conditions are reached, like when the electricity budget is exceeded, users can also be alerted.

Lighting that accommodates your needs

Our system will provide you with beautiful lighting, all while preserving energy consumption. It can synchronize light intensity with the condition of a room, restrict illumination to the parts of the home not in use, reduce lighting to a minimal level at nighttime, or turn off lights completely.

Automatic watering tied to weather conditions

The system allows you to integrate a sprinkler system with online weather services. It will not activate the sprinklers if the forecast suggests rain.

Find your peace and savor the comfort

Realize that you have time for everything.