Motion Sensor

Motion, light and temperature sensor


Apart from being able to sense motion, this unusual device also allows you to measure temperature and light intensity. It comes equipped with an accelerometer, which will detect a change in location or any attempts at opening the case.


Motion sensor


Light sensor


Temperature sensor




Inspired by nature

Full mobility

The Motion Sensor is powered by battery and does not require any cables. Its smart grip allows you to place it wherever you want – even on a wall or the ceiling. It’s location might be changed at any time.

Technologically advanced

Compatible with other devices

The Motion Sensor potential becomes apparent in conjunction with other elements of a smart home. The sensor is capable of activating even the most complex sequences which are limited only by human imagination.

Guarding your safety

The Motion Sensor is an infallible guardian of your home,
watching over your family and possessions 24/7.

Immediate notifications

The device will immediately inform you about any motion
by sending a notification to your smart phone…

for your convenience

…or won’t bother you, if choose the appropriate setting option.

Light intensity measurement

A sensor hidden in the Motion Sensor will allow you to dynamically adjust the
lamps to the amount of natural light.