Building automation has advanced just within our lifetime at a baffling rate.
1950: Automated buildings rely on pneumatic controls with compressed air.
1980: Microprocessors move the industry from compressed air to analog then digital controls.
1990: Open protocols allow controlled facilities to actually communicate with one another.
2000: Wireless technology allows components to communicate without cable attachments.


Building automation systems for maximum comfort and perfect functionality at minimum cost. Home from the Future offers you building automation systems for all building types, sizes, and for every proposed use. Thanks to safety communication standards and interfaces it’s possible to integrate a wide range of different building control fields like: heating, ventilation, air conditioning applications, lights and blinds, up to safety features, and TV& audio entertainment. Home from the Future solutions allow you to generate return on investment, reduce energy costs, increase tenant satisfaction, improve security and gain greater control of your buildings.



Not surprisingly, wireless communications technology has entered the world of building automation. Wireless building automation system (BAS) technologies offer a wide range of advantages over hard-wired systems including lower cost, greater flexibility and higher reliability. Wireless BAS solutions are enabled by building systems and components that use direct digital control technology, which allows centralized control and interoperability. State-of-the-art wireless technologies connect the BAS with one or more of the standard well-known wired protocols used by BMS. Wireless also makes it easy for building owners to take advantage of upgrades and new technologies as they become available, allowing buildings to continually improve and yield more efficiency and energy savings over time.